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Image Competition 2016

2016 Image Competition Winners Heading link

173 people voted for the best image in the 6th Annual Images of Research Competition!  Congratulations to our winners, whose images are featured below with the number of votes received.

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The crystallized form of cyclic peptide in an NMR tube found to be a potential anti-tuberculosis drug lead. The crystals radiate out from the center much like a star, while light catches the golden yellow and reflects it back to the table as a spark of light within the shadow. The shadow represents the worldwide fight against tuberculosis, while the glimmer of light is the hope of new therapies. Currently, tuberculosis is ranked as the number one infectious disease killer worldwide. Through continuous drug discovery programs like the Institute for Tuberculosis Research (ITR) we can help to shine the light of hope on this deadly disease.

Mary Choules  |  Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

Did you know that the very same yeast that is used to bake your favorite bread is also used as a microorganism in synthetic biology research towards drug discovery? Our research focuses on overcoming the challenge of limited supply production in conventional drug discovery. A possible solution to this obstacle is synthetic biology research as a new bioengineering platform for the production of renewable feedstocks, fuels, and potential drugs. The goal is to engineer the production of molecules of interest by assembling DNA parts into pathways, introducing these pathways into host microorganisms, and optimizing the performance of these pathways. Taken from our lab located in the Molecular Biology Research Building at UIC, this photo is a depiction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast) on selective agar plates. The yeast is used as genetic machinery to perform various tasks in assembling DNA parts in a facile manner. At the heart of Chicago, UIC offers us a myriad of opportunities in order to perform cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

Maryam Muhammad & Sylvia Kunakom  |  Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

(No description by the photographer)

Shuai Wang  |  Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy