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Teaching Assistant Resources

Most graduate students will spend some period of time during their PhD as a teaching assistant.

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Learn about the resources available to you as a TA below:

The Copy Center, located in Room B20 on the lower level of the College of Pharmacy building, provides copying services to faculty, staff, and students.  The Copy Center is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Copy requests should be placed at least 24 hours in advance of when they are needed.

To make a copy request:

  • Download & complete the copy request form (if the request form is not able to be completed in your browser, please download the file to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader)
  • Submit the form and document(s) to be copied to the Office of Student Affairs, Room 154
  •  Enter your request in the log book and place the request (other than quizzes and exams, which should be given directly to a staff member to ensure security) in the Copy Center mailbox

Completed copy jobs will be available for pick up in the OSA.  When a copy job is picked up, an entry should be made in the log book.

TAs will receive instructions on when to pick up Scantron forms from their respective course coordinators.

To pick up scantrons:

  • Contact Kate O’Brien  prior to the scheduled date of the exam in order to arrange a time to drop off the scantrons
  • Visit office 184A to pick up scantrons and Scantron Grading Request sheet

To return scantrons for grading:

  • Organize the forms in alphabetical order by last name and have students’ UINs both written and bubbled in (the exams cannot be graded without the student’s UIN)
  • Complete the Scantron Grading Request sheet with the Number of Exams counted when dropping off the exams
The TALK (Teach, Assess, Learn, Know) Center, located in the 177 Suite, provides resources and support for your teaching and TA needs.  The TALK Center supports educators in their efforts to maximize student and UIC College of Pharmacy success by providing resources and offering opportunities to explore innovative teaching methods and skills, evaluate student learning, design learning spaces, and incorporate technology effectively.
Recording Studio (COP 176) Conference Room (COp 177) Equipment
Use this studio to: Reserve this room to: Check out this equipment:
Record Powepoint slides

Edit Echo videos

Record demonstrations and examples of concepts

Create experiment Demos

Interview professionals, patients (with permission/HIPPA  compliant), or others in the field

Present solutions to problems or how to use formulas
Host a meeting

Use web Conference equipment set up to meet with Rockford

Practice teaching techniques in a low-stakes environment

Test equipment and technology for classroom purposes
Microsoft surface

USB Yeti Microphone

Microsoft Webcam

You can reserve the conference room or recording studio by submitting the following form (UIC login required). Contact to c​heck-out equipment.  Training is available to show you how to use the devices.