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Image Competition 2021

2021 Image Competition Winners Heading link

332 people voted for the best image in the 11th Annual Images of Research Competition!  Congratulations to our winners, whose images are featured below with the number of votes received.

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Psuedomonas aueruginosa glowing under certain light conditions which will be used to test antimicrobial resistance against this specific strain via E-test methods as displayed in the background. The bacteria colonies are displayed in the UIC Flames logo.

Jessica Benitez-Burke  |  Dept. of Pharmacy Practice

This is a “Song of ice and fire” produced by the most abundant cell type in the center nervous system-the Glia cells. My research interest is to unveil the secrets of one of the most heterogeneous glia cells in the brain-astrocyte. Astrocytes show such a high level of heterogeneity that different subpopulations of astrocytes could have distinct morphology, expression profiles and even electrophysiology properties. In this picture, two adjacent primary cultured astrocytes from mouse cortex showed different staining patterns on exclusive markers (Sun: GFAP; Ice: ALDH1L1). Image acquired by Zeiss LSM 710 Confocal Big, 63x Oil.

Xiao Guo  |  Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences

An asthma mouse whole lung here is visualized in three dimensions (3D) by its airways (green) and CD45+ immune cells (red). There were significantly greater numbers of immune cells recruited in the asthma lung compared with the healthy normal lung. This is groundbreaking microscopy research showing a large biological specimen in whole tissue preparations and in 3D without sectioning across an entire organ. It allows an organ-wide visualization of immune cells to explore their distribution along the airways and in lung lobes.

Yi-Chien Wu  |  Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences